Where Does Seafloor Spreading Occur

  • Posted on March 20, 2021
  • new-years
  • By Faza Eyza

Where Does Seafloor Spreading Occur. The formation of new layer of floor in the ocean is called seafloor spreading. The upwelling of magma between diverging plates d.

In 1965, a canadian geophysicist, j. Read and reflect on what is indicated in the item below. Seafloor spreading is part of plate tectonics, which is responsible for essentially all earthquakes.

This picture below explains a continental rifting and then the sea floor spreading.

The release of hot ash and steam in a pyroclastic flow b. Basaltic magma rises up the fractures and cools on the ocean floor to form new sea floor. Where does seafloor spreading occur? These ridges mark the boundaries between two plates that are diverging, or moving away from one another.

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